Low Grade Politics

Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek reports –

WASHINGTON (CH) – In a bold effort to improve the educational fortunes of students who perform at academic levels significantly below the average of their peers, Congress has mandated a minimum grade to be assigned to each student in each course taught at any school in the country.  Starting in September, it shall be unlawful for any teacher, professor, or instructor charged with assigning course grades to assign to any student a grade lower than C-.

Sponsors of the Fair Academic Standards Act decry the injustice that occurs each time a student earns a low grade, such as a D or an F. ” It’s impossible for students with ‘D’s and ‘F’s on their transcripts to succeed as they deserve in life,” remarked Sen. Bernie Franken, an Independent from Elitia.  ”This law ensures that no American will ever again suffer that hardship.”

…Sen. [Paul] Rand responds by insisting that grades should accurately reflect each student’s actual performance in class.  He says that the minimum-grade requirement, to the extent that it doesn’t simply cause academically challenged students to be kept from enrolling in school, will result in report cards and school transcripts that are full of “lies” – grades that do not reflect each student’s actual performance.

…“That accusation is typical of Sen. Rand and his ilk,” alleges Paula Krueger, the influential columnist.  ”Sen. Rand is bought and paid for by rich and privileged elites who know that a more fair distribution of school grades will threaten their and their friends’ hold on this country’s levers of power.”

…Not that Ms. Krueger thinks the Act is ideal.  ”It’s not perfect.  In my view the minimum grade should be much higher.  I think A-.  And I’d also like to see the minimum grade indexed to grade inflation.  That way all students in America, now and in the future, would be exceptionally high-achievers and very well educated.”

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  1. please tell me this is a joke. this is utterly rediculus. i thought that the fear of bad grades was supposed to motivate students to work hard.
    grade inflation is already a problem, now it is being mandated by the government?

    • There were a lot of flags going up as I read it. It is almost certainly a joke. I would not credit this one without checking it out first.

    • It’s a satire. Notice “Bernie Franken” (think Bernie Sanders or Al Franken) from “Elitia” (e.g. land of Elites). He’s been writing a lot recently about proposed hikes in minimum wage and wrote this to illustrate the folly of doing so.

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