That’s Slick, Cat!

Carol Kaye played bass with the Wrecking Crew for years. She probably played on a lot of the songs you know from the ’60 and early ’70s.

I’m just throwing this out there to give wdydfae something new to dive into. Check out this book, dude.

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  1. I love this! Listening to funky baselines with drums is one of my favorite things, and the propensity intensifies with advancing age. There’s this Youtube of Mike Clark and Paul Jackson, just bass and drums vamping, and I listen to it endlessly.

    That book looks super fascinating–I’m going to have to get it. One of the comments said they should make it into a documentary. I agree! I’ve really been getting into music documentaries these days.

    I’ll have to absorb this and then start posting on it (that is, for the tiny number of folks who take pity on me and visit my blog).

    • The book is well worth the price. Even though I knew some of the stuff in there already, the book placed it into a cohesive narrative that gave it all context in how the events related to each other.

      I sound like a politician. My apologies.

      I’ll have to absorb this and then start posting on it (that is, for the few who are intelligent and discerning enough to have found my eloquent ruminations on high quality music).

      Fixed it for ya.

  2. The Spinal Tap approach! Yes, it’s a very small audience, but very select, very discerning, very knowledgable, the very best sort of visitors to have, I dare say.

    And you just admitted Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is “high quality music”!

    These are the Mike Clark/Paul Jackson clips I was talking about. I could listen to nothing but rhythm sections forever.

    Am I wierd or what?

  3. They say the guitarist with Carol Kaye on this is Joe Pass! He’s a giant of electric guitar. Who’s the drummer, I wonder? Got some great kick.

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