Capping It Off

Today is the birthday of curmudgeon economist and Djarum Black smoker Captain Capitalism. ‘Tis always fun to see his rants and rails against fluffy-minded liberal “thinkers.”

He promised me several kilos and enough hookers to snort it all off of in exchange for the pimpage. I expect delivery by Saturday.

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  1. Is that sanitary?

    Anyway, the pimpage worked. First visit to Captain Capitalism, who is obviously a great writer.

    I haven’t spent much time on economics blogs, because . . . because it was my understanding there would be no math.

    Can’t I just say, “Yes, of course Hayek was right!” and leave it at that?

  2. What? All I got for my Captain Capitalism pimpage was a free copy of his latest book! I’ve been gypped!

    • You win. I hear the book is loaded with advice how you can score hookers and blow anytime you want. And we all know how much you love hookers and blow. And Mentos.

      I’m thinking come Saturday, I’ll post a comment on Cap’s place asking where payment is. I doubt he even knows this post exists.

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