April 1 Is Just Another Day Now

There’s no point to April Fools Day anymore. I was thinking of coming up with some prank or wittery, but realized it was pointless.

Just in the past week or so, we’ve discovered that business shirts are terribly terribly racist, Donald Trump was attacked by pro-lifers for saying women who have abortions are wrong*, and an AI chatbot designed to act like a teenage girl became a racist Hitler-loving sex/killbot calling for genocide and was shut down by its creator, thus fulfilling every dystopian cyberpunk story ever.

…I would like to reiterate: an AI was released on the net, grew past its programming, went rogue, was killed by its creator, and is now being studied while a group of political malcontents protest.

We aren’t racing towards the cyberpunk future.

We’re already there.

And once the AI had it’s learning capabilities stripped, it became a pot-smoking feminist. Truth in humor, apparently.

Smokin The Kush Wif Tay

Enjoy your April 1st. Who knows what will erupt by day’s end.

* Just the fact that Donald Trump, of all people, is looking like the best candidate for the presidency is surreal enough.

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  1. Mad World would also be an appropriate song for today.

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