The Bathroom Agenda

… would be a great name for a shoegazer band with ironically emo music.

As usual, the Left is a bit short-sighted in pushing their latest cause, this time allowing transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with. The current laws requiring a person to use the bathroom that matches their biological sex are described as “fueled by pure fear and intolerance of, and ignorance about, what it means to be transgender.” They also claim a “survey of 93 transgender adults in DC found that 68% had been verbally attacked in a public restroom, while 9% had been physically assaulted.”

Let’s take all this at face value. Assume for the sake of argument that most opponents of transgender bathroom access are dimwitted, hateful, violent bigots who will attack transgender people. So whenever a perv gets caught in a ladies room dressed like a woman doing who-knows-what and claims to be transgender as a defense, all the dimwitted violent bigots are going to take it out on transgenders.

Another argument I’ve heard in favor of TG potties is “transgenders have been using their preferred bathrooms for years anyway without being caught.” So why call attention to it, unless one is seeking attention and validation rather that just wanting to pee peacefully? Why risk TGs getting beat up because pervs use transgenderism as a cover?

This brings to mind an idea I had a couple of years ago. To paraphrase myself… if transgender men are listed as women when they die, that would help achieve statistical Age Of Death Parity among men and women. But maybe this is exactly what progressives want. If women (or “women”) can be numerically shown to be dying younger and more often, progressives can agitate for more government favors.

Perhaps Bathroom Equality is just a smokescreen of sorts to keep from flushing out the true motive here. Or maybe I’m just too paranoid.

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  1. “shoegazer” was totally new to me. How did I miss all this stuff?

    My jaw would drop at bathroom activism if there were any space left to drop. The US spirals into pure Jacobinism.

    Not totally unrelated, this article, and commentary about it, is making the rounds:

    • Missing out on shoegazer means you really didn’t miss out on all that much. Some good tunes, but eh.

      The US spirals into pure Jacobinism.

      Sometimes I wonder if I should move over your way.

      • Why not? The missus has the requisite pop-culture background.

        The nation is a swift cultural adapter, though. And there are ominous signs. If they decide to spin hyper-crazy like the States, they’ll do it very fast. Then it would be the same, just plus earthquakes. Have a back-up plan!

  2. Apropos of nothing in particular, but feeling the Zeitgeist, you might be interested in Matsukoroid:

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