Rocktober – Masquerade Music

Friday night, 12:30 AM

Friday Night Videos

The primary aspect of Halloween is not the horror or scary stuff, but costumes and masquerades. People love to play at being something other than themselves once a year, as an escape from their everyday lives. A chance to do something different.

Music sometimes comes in costume too. Consider a chart-topping funk/jazz/R&B song which was actually written by a white guy…

Thanks to heavy airplay on urban contemporary radio stations, “I Can’t Go for That” also topped the U.S. R&B chart, a rare feat for a White act. According to the Hall and Oates biography, Hall, upon learning that “I Can’t Go For That” had gone to number one on the R&B chart, wrote in his diary, “I’m the head soul brother in the U.S. Where to now?” – Wiki entry on “I Can’t Go For That”

…which was later dressed up as a bossa nova by a female singer from Singapore –

For more literal costuming in music, there’s wdydfae‘s request for some Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Serious costume overdose here –

Insane keytar aside, I’ve never seen anyone play drums with nunchuks before.

Final Friday Finale next week, but there may be more Rocktober sets between now and then.

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  1. It’s a dream come true to see Kyary make the Nightsky playlist!

    As you know, I actually got to see those costumes up close once:

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