Rocktober – Breaking Space And Time

12:30 Friday night and Halloween is near \m/

Friday Night Videos

NASA has recorded the sounds of the universe. It is a hauntingly disturbing place. IO and Uranus seem especially unfriendly…

But it was not always so. At first, the darkness was silent… until terrible salvation emerged in rhythm and light and sound –

About nightskyradio

Random signals from nowhere in particular.

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  1. Music of the spheres! Awesome!

    This is like the clip (possible hoax?) where they slow the crickets down to what they would sound like if their lifespan equaled a human lifespan and they end up sounding like an angel chorus.

    You were right about IO and Uranus (Miranda sounded pretty uninviting, too). The others were either entrancing or kind of beautiful. It’s weird how appropriate the sounds seemed to the sources. Neptune is a pretty looking planet.

    What happened to the Stonehenge arch for the Spinal Tap concert? I want my Stonehenge arch!

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