Turn On, Tune Up, Drop D

[Or: “The Good Kind Of Pain”]

My wrist and fingers are hurting from taking up guitar again. Not just my fingertips, from sliding them up and down the strings – my fingers, from the knuckles down. My back acted up for the first couple days, but it’s getting used to this again.

I’m starting to get back the feel for chords and chord changes. Still sloppy – “C” is a pain in the ass chord – but improving. I can almost work my way through “Pennyroyal Tea” again. However, my amp isn’t handling too well when I switch the pedal from clean to distortion. I’m thinking I can find one on craigslist relatively cheap – anyone had any experience buying used amps? All I need is a 15-watt crate amp.

Bonus points to anyone who gets the triple whammy pun in the title.

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  1. I get Timothy Leary but not the other layers of pun.

    Utterly useless info, but all I can think of is “Joe’s Garage” and “It was a stratocaster with a whammy bar!” (from 0:22)

    • I was hoping someone would get the Leary reference. I guess that actually makes it a four-fold pun.

      As for the rest… you turn on an amp, then tune up your guitar. “Drop D tuning” is a style of tuning a guitar that a lot of the grunge musicians of the late 80s and early 90s used, like Nirvana and Alice In Chains. The Beatles and Led Zeppelin used it sometimes, too, as did a lot of metal bands.

  2. Ribbet… Ribbet!

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