How Do It ?Search

Seems the current cool kidz meme is to list search terms that lead to one’s site.  Since following the crowd* is one of my great joys in life, here’s some of mine…

how to remove pranked watermark sound and video effects from surfaces [I constantly prank my friends’ coffee tables]

cartoon neurons that say funny stuff [I’m all about wisecracking neuron scribbles]

gym candid/candid at gym/candid women exercising [That would be here]

mellon collie funny [Not sure how anyone could find anything remotely amusing about an emo-whining imitation-grunge  album by Smashing Pumpkins, but here ya go]

song on the paint huffer youtube video [That would be here]

my spice m-6900 internet setting not install in my handset spice m 6900 internet setting skipped error please help [Apparently someone is having trouble viewing their Spice Girls pr0n on their smartphone]

face sitting fart [That would be here]

pal coimx fuck on the top [Dominatrix comics?]

latest advances in sexbots [As usual, that would be here]

gay meaning: i have a pocket full of quarters and i’m headed to the arcade [Revised lyrics here – guess someone has a “packing man fever”]

“i was born in 1972” nirvana [hi Lena :)]

batman comics high resolution [That would be here]

skyradio doesn’t really matter [Gee thanks]

alien sperm extraction [Apparently I have three posts relating to this search – take a look]

spock in 2013 [Is it a Federation election year?]

Unlike the rest of you, I have a surprising number of posts that actually relate to the search terms. What this says about me is as yet unclear, and will hopefully stay that way.


*And beating them at their own game.

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  1. “i was born in 1972″ nirvana [hi Lena 🙂 ]

    LOL That wasn’t me! (I already know where your site is).

  2. I’m really jealous! Those are sublimely freaky, and that is excellent exegesis.

    The search terms are too boring even for lame jokes. These are yesterday’s:

    fashion monster 4
    4am, las olas bass tabs jaco pastorius 1
    when is invader invader by kyary coming to america? 1
    4 am las olas bass tabs jaco pastorius 1
    joe dick trailer funny or die 1
    garden of eden props

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