Paint Huffing Music

Taken By Sound has an interview with Daniel Huffman aka NEW FUMES,* described as “an American psychedelic artist who creates sounds that are quite different to anything you may have heard before.” It’s the first I’ve ever heard of him but the embedded song is catchy.

There’s some discussion of pressing and painting vinyl (including blood), and I discovered what a Laptop Deathmatch is.

Laptop Deathmatch was an event where a hand full of laptop musicians got together to “battle”. You know, like a rap battle or a battle of the bands.

Each artist had 3 minutes to do their thing using only a laptop. There were rounds and eliminations, eventually revealing a champion.

He’s done some under the name Frogboy, you can find a few on youtube.

When asked about his influences, he listed some classic rock acts, then finished with “growing up with 80′s MTV… how can that not be burned into my psyche? ” I know exactly what he means. That stuff messed me up too.

New Fumes – Millenium Crux

*Huffman. Fumes. Ha ha.

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  1. HEY! Thanks for the shout out!! Glad you liked NEW FUMES.. He’s a real stand up guy that makes some pretty whacked out and awesome music… Thanks so much for sharing NEW FUMES and tbs!! 🙂

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