Taking A Shat

Apparently The Adaptive Curmudgeon hates everyone with such a passion he would drop a raccoon turd on your dinner plate if he could, but since he doesn’t have a couple billion of the masked critters to aim and squeeze at Dollar Menu entrees, he posted this instead –

It was moderately amusing for me (for me, for meee), but then I find things like Late Night Mistakes and Batman vs. Donkey Kong to be High Art, so I don’t think I qualify as an arbiter of crimes against culture. In fact, I’m quite likely a repeat offender.

Which is a good enough segue as any to drop these classy bits from LNM…


Dude, smile! You’re harshing the mellow at this party


…and a thousand hentai jokes were launched

"Drink up, mates!" indeed

“Drink up, mates!” indeed

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  1. I should’ve stopped watching that but I couldn’t stop watching that.

  2. Shatner’s like that…

    • Think Bernie is proud of the Shat’s interpretation, or just lying back and thinking of England and the paycheck for this gig?

      Funny you post this as I’ve packed my bags just before zero hour.

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