The Swiss Black Market Has Nothing On Wisconsin

[Or: “Hot Cheese”]

Did April Fool’s show up a few days early this year…?

Man found with $200K in stolen cheese, police say

One man is facing criminal charges in New Jersey after detectives found a truck he was driving with roughly $200,000 worth of stolen Muenster cheese from Wisconsin.

Veniamin Konstantinovich Balika, 34, of Plainfield, Ill., was arrested at the Vince Lombardi Service Area off the New Jersey Turnpike. New Jersey State Police Detective 1 Oliver Sissman said he allegedly provided false paperwork to the distributor of K&K Cheese in Cashton last week to get the 42,000 pounds of cheese loaded onto his 18-wheel truck.

No spur-of-the-moment cheese theft is this. The guy did some work to prepare for his escapade. He was planning to sell it under market value to some East Coast retailers. Cheese for cheese, I suppose.

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  1. Cheese, what’s the world coming to?

    But it had to be an inside job. No-one could Muenster mind a heist like that alone.

    I guess now it’s time to gouda jail. Go direcly da jail. Do not pass gouda. Do not collect $200,000.

    You might think it’s hard to come up with all these cheese jokes, but I’m telling you, It’s a bries. They just pop out of my head. I don’t have to Kraft um at all.

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