Friday I’m In Lent

Today I will try not to eat meat. Not a big deal to most, I’m sure. but to me it’s like not breathing. I’m hardcore carnivore.

I’ve gone a few Fridays without eating meat a few times here and there, but never stuck to it. Most likely, I’ll busts open a can of chili or get halfway through a cheeseburger and be like “aw, crap.”


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  1. Are you Catholic?

    I totally failed Ash Wednesday. I went to someone’s house at lunch and decided it was too rude to not eat the chicken salad.

  2. I grew up Catholic, but stopped going to church once I got out of school. I never really gave up the faith, but I never really embraced it either, you know? Mostly I just tried to stick to the 10 Commandments and let everything else sort it self out.

    These days I’m thinking more about things.

  3. Can you believe I actually chose to be Catholic? I mean, how ****ed up is that?

    Did you make it through Fri. w/out chomping down on the red stuff? I’m doing really good on the abstention from Abba.

  4. Man, I almost always forget. Around lunchtime I usually get halfway through a ham sandwich and think “shit”. I got through last Friday though!

    Lent gives me a good excuse to look up more fish/veggie recipes, so win.

    • Some years I would think about it and still manage to forget, remembering halfway through a cheeseburger or some chili.

      This time I had pizza with extra cheese and no pepperoni for lunch. It’s good but just not the same somehow.

  5. Is there anyone here who’s not Catholic? Is this just a coincidence or are we responding to some spiritual dogwhistle?

    • Most of the comments I post are on Christian manosphere sites, with a couple music sites thrown in, so mostly I get comments back from them I get likes from people I’ve never heard of – thank you! – but they almost never comment, I don’t know if their Christian or not. I think they find me on the Freshly Pressed lists.

      I got a post for you coming up.

  6. NSR
    Don’t you like fish?

    I’m no longer Catholic (I’m now Protestant) but still follow the no-meat Fridays during lent.

    • I hate fish. Gonna be a lot of grilled cheese for the next several Fridays. Why, you and HHG gonna cook for me? 🙂

    • OK, but commenters seem to be almost all baptized Catholics. You can change your church affiliation, but you can’t undo your baptism.

      Of course, there are a whole lot of contestable theological assumptions wrapped up in that statement.

      Nevertheless, I’m sticking with my provisional hypothesis: Nightsky is a Catholic magnet.

      If the data doesn’t fit, why, then I’ll just adjust the data and make it fit.

  7. You and HHG are in agreement about fish, actually. I can’t even bake it in the house; it has to be grilled outside, even in winter.

    But I’ll cook for you, hun. A nice tofu burger, perhaps? 🙂

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