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Oreos Goeth Before A Fall

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Oreo Pride Cookies



Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great time ringing in 2017! I did watch the ball drop in New York, but it really hasn’t had the same attraction without Dick Clark.

Enjoy this prime number of a year.

Prayer Request

Please keep my brother in your prayers and thoughts. Thank you.

Lessening Resistance

Lessening Resistance

ADDENDUM: Speaking of no easy path, it appears WordPress has screwed around with the POST settings again.

Merry Christmas!


I may not be around much for a while.

Pacific Rim

I recently saw Pacific Rim with Allie and her family. They asked if I wanted to go along, and explained that it was about “giant monsters fighting giant robots.” I decided it would be a fun lark, expecting a sillyass popcorn flick with good special FX. To quote director Guillermo del Toro, “We cannot pretend this is Ibsen with monsters and giant robots. I cannot pretend I’m doing a profound reflection on mankind.”

If you haven’t seen it yet and plan to, you might wanna stop reading here.

Even though it was live-action, this was the biggest, baddest, most hardcore anime ever. Giant monsters and robots, explosions, cities being razed, incredible effects, insane weapons, and a battle cry of “This is for my family!” Some of the action scenes are a little too dark, but the colors are so vivid it almost doesn’t matter. Amazing camera work as well. There’s minimal blood and guts – children around 8 years old or older should be able to handle the movie just fine.

But what surprised me a little was that there was an actual story, and how it was handled. Del Toro said, “I shot about an hour more of material than is in the movie. Every character had a bigger arc, the characters were more complex. But I was really trying to strike the balance where I said,… let me try to get each character to its minimal requirements to have an arc that has a beginning, middle and end, and a payoff.”

I think this helped the movie quite a bit. None of the navel-gazing or handwringing that can be found in nearly any other movie these days. No overblown soliloquies about courage, duty, or sacrifice – they just do it. If a movie with themes like this can be made (by a pacifist, at that) and do well, then maybe Western civilization isn’t totally down the crapper yet.

This is the movie that “Man Of Steel” should have been.

Gaia Pride Parade

Happy Earth Day. Go save the planet.

Don't let your SUV catch fire in the collision - that would be a lot of carbon emission and smoke, which is bad and spontaneously kills puppies up to 15 miles away.

Don’t let your SUV catch fire in the collision – that would be a lot of carbon emission and smoke, which is bad and spontaneously kills puppies up to 15 miles away.

Shout-out to The American and Benjamin Zycher, who lists Dogbert as one of his favorite philosophers.

Nice Is Vice

M3 lays it out here – The Crime Of Being Nice

This is the big takeaway from his post –

Which makes me want to take the gloves off. I’ve always been hesitant to pile onto the fat shaming thing. Pointing out that fat is unattractive is one thing, being cruel about it is another… With the exception of one post about Fat acceptance.. i’ve never gone full tilt against those who are less fortunate in the looks department unless they arrogantly stand up and tell me that i am wrong for not finding the grotesque attractive.

“BUT M3, isn’t that what the girls/mangina’s/whiteknights doing? Going full tilt against NiceGuys who say that girls should be attracted them for being nice?”

I would ALMOST agree with you save for one minor niggle.

1. Culturally it is acceptable to shame guys for being shallow to overlook fatties great personalities
2. No guy puts on their profile header that they’re looking for a really great fat/plump/few extra pounds/plus sized/bbw person (unless it’s their fetish)

Women are not culturally shamed and called shallow for ignoring beta’s or omega’s, and it really doesn’t take a lot of searching to find a woman’s profile looking for ‘a nice, honest guy who doesn’t play games’. These women are actively portraying, displaying and advertising the need for NICE guys.[Emphasis mine] This is the crux of the matter. The needy nice guy IS the obese girl. A mirror analogy. Both want a relationship. Both have problems they need to work on before any real expectation of one should happen. But no man is advertising how badly he’s looking for plus sized BBW’s really badly!


Boys For Pele?

Warren Farrell has a column up on USA Today titled Guns don’t kill people — our sons do.

All but one of the 62 mass killings in the past 30 years was committed by boys or men…

…For boys, the road to successful manhood has crumbled. In many boys’ journey from a fatherless family to an almost all-female staff elementary school such as Sandy Hook, there is no constructive male role model…

…And just while their bodies are telling them that girls are the most important things in the world, these boys are locked into failure. Boys with a “failure to launch” are invisible to most girls. With poor social skills, the boys feel anger at their fear of being rejected and self-loathing at their inability to compete.

All true. The culture has changed from teaching boys how to be men to teaching boys to be quiet, subservient wimps. So how does Farrell propose to fix this? Should fathers reach out to kids in their neighborhoods who don’t have dads and mentor them? Could they be teaching boys how to accomplish things for themselves and discover the self-respect that comes with it? Should adult masculinity once again be seen as an ideal and not something to be avoided at all costs?

With one executive order, President Obama can create a White House Council on Men and Boys to work with the Council on Women and Girls he formed in 2009. Why? No one part of government or the private sector has a handle on the solution.

A coordinated strategy is best developed at the White House level. The mere formation of such a council by the president alerts foundations, companies, families, teachers and therapists that our sons’ “failure to launch” needs to be on their agenda.

Farrell’s answer – fob it off on the gub’ment. Hand it off to the biggest group of hand-wringing manginas in the country. They’ve done so well in telling us what to do about so many other things.

And politically, an effort to go beyond the rote ideological disagreements of the two parties could help build the unity to actually do something instead of fight to a standstill in a closely divided country.

Right. The “boy problem” can be a stepping stone for greater political bedfellow-ry.