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No Sleep

So I was going to finish my night by reading a couple comic strips and going to bed. Dilbert was reasonably amusing as usual, but then I made the mistake of going over to Pearls Before Swine….

Pearls Before Swine

Another night ruined…

Asimov’s Night Job

Few know that Isaac Asimov had a second career, apparently traveling and giving nighttime lectures under an assumed name [click image to embiggen]…

Asimovs Night Job 1

A clever disguise, even better than Clark Kent’s.

Skipping ahead a bit…

Asimovs Night Job 2

Asimovs Night Job 3

So the lecture circuit is just a cover for his real career…. arch-supervillain! Jimmy of course finds a way to signal his pal Superman…

Asimovs Night Job 4

Asimovs Night Job 5

Asimovs Night Job 6

Turns out he wasn’t really dead (no one ever is in comics, including Superman himself, who was killed in 1992), instead giving up his career as a supervillain and returning to the life of a science and sci-fi writer.


If you’re wondering how the hell DC Comics could publish something like this without getting sued…. that’s a story for another post.





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Happy 4th Of July

Superman July 4

Hope you all enjoy the holiday.

Comic Strip Safe Space

Cartoonist Stephan Pastis discovers his erroneous ways have injured diversified personages…

Pearls Before Unclean Animals - non offensive comic strip

… wait, we can’t say “strip” because that could be interpreted as a reference to stripping personal unclothing enterprises.

Random Static – Where’s Your Identity?

Been a busy few days, but here’s some randominomity of late –

Ain’t no analogy for individuality

Free Norther brings the strange


I won’t be surprised if CisBlack Privilege is a thing soon.

Don’t give me chase

If I ever win the lottery I’m gonna tell the IRS I can’t pay any taxes because I identify as a bankrupt homeless alcoholic.

Tell me my sanity

Parents in Minneapolis are angry that Starri Hedges, director of the private Gaia Democratic School, took students on a field trip to a sex shop. Some of the kids were as young as 11, because it’s never too soon to start warping developing one’s sexual identity.

The “beautiful” trip may have been in violation of city codes. Hedges regrets that there probably won’t be another such trip, “because the kids had so much fun.” What kid doesn’t love purchasing their first condom?

The article has a video of Starri discussing the school with Bill Weir…

I had to quit watching after about 6 minutes. The video rolls like a retarded-yet-serious version of Sheldon and Amy’s “Fun With Flags,” including this rapier-like failure at humor –

Starri: “…Bill is our newest member at Gaia Democratic School. He is a rainbow member.”

Bill: “Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?”

Starri: “That’s right, and the pot of gold is free thinking.”

H/T to Captain Capitalism.

There’s no reset for this game!

The season finale of Flash was pretty trippy. Not sure about some of their time-travel logic, but it seems they may have structured it that way specifically as a plot point to revisit in the, uh, future. Some interesting questions of the Thawne’s identity there, both throughout the season and especially the way the finale ended. Not to mention all of Barry’s secret identity problems (for one of which he apparently borrowed Hillary’s “Reset” button, and it worked just about as well this time).

The show must get credit for one thing, though… there’s often been jokes of people doing this, but Flash is the first time I’ve ever seen it demonstrated literally

Barry ran back to the friendzone

Biologically let your system know what’s up

Respect My Identity



The Flash

[ Stop reading here if you have not seen the show but plan to. ]

I had seen a few episodes of Arrow and thought it was decent enough. Just the fact that the show made me like Oliver was a feat in itself, considering how shrill and annoying he was in the comics (in recent years, DC Comics has gone not just from having him be an alternative viewpoint to other heroes, but now proudly boasts of him as the “left-wing crusader”).

So when I heard a spinoff was coming out starring the Flash, I had to check it out. The promotional shots of the costume looked awful. The first couple episodes were very shaky. But around the third episode it started to, uh, find its footing. It’s fun, inventive, and only mildly bogged down by CW Network teenage soap opera nonsense. They’ve even taken some near-execrable plot points from the comics and made them work.

And true to the comics, the show has a firm moral center. It’s a little wobbly in places, but even then not overly so, and Barry Allen is clearly a good guy who wants to do right.

A central point of the story arc is time travel. Unlike most stories based on such, Flash seems to be starting from a point where history has already been changed. Perhaps more than once. It’s a credit to the creative team that the plot is complex, yet still accessible to a mainstream audience.

But you wanna know “Does it look Awesome?” Let’s look.

An episode of the one-season 1990 Flash series went to town and had a sort of reversed clone of Flash with all his powers, and got the two into a high speed fight –

… yeah. Although the bullet-catching bit was nice. The series did manage to pull off some good super-speed scenes now and again, but by and large, they just didn’t have the means to portray someone like Flash on screen too well.

Compare and contrast. High-speed combat –

Not quite FX on the level of Man Of Steel or Avengers, but they don’t have a movie-level budget, and they make the most of what they’ve got.

And I don’t hate the costume anymore. Not super fond of it, but I don’t hate it.

I am very much looking forward to the season finale tomorrow night, and hope the showrunners can pull it off.

Fun bonus!

Speed Kills

When super speed s outlawed, only outlaws will travel at super speed

When super-speed is outlawed, only outlaws will travel at super-speed

Clearly, we need legislation against the use of super-speed. Because career criminals always obey laws.

Back To School

I feel sorry for kids everywhere in the USA today.

From here –

Bruce Wayne Schooled

Click to bat-embiggen


I hated Mondays enough when I was in school, but I hated, hated, HATED the first Monday back after the Christmas break.


The Big Red ‘S’ Meets… The Big Red ‘S’

There is a man who wears red and lives at the North Pole who, one Christmas Eve, delivers presents to children all around the world.

No, not that guy…

Superman and Santa

From this comic, where Superman teamed up with Santa Claus to stop the villainous Toyman from corrupting children with his  evil toys.

DC Comics Presents 67

The best part is when Supes, of all fictional people, doesn’t believe in Santa. At least Santa shows up on the NORAD tracker.


BONUS: Had to post this pic from the ’40s just for fun.

Santa Calling Superman