Rocktober/Friday Night Videos: “…Let Slip The Pigs Of Jazz”

It’s that time of year again, Rocktober. And to celebrate, let’s have some…. not rock.

Andy Rehfeldt posts a rare video of Black Sabbath performing live –


The music rather suits the video, given the Mod outfits (especially Ozzy’s fashion disaster) and the stage set. Seriously, a big rainbow over your stage screams “Lounge” far more than it suggests “Metal.”

Andy has been at this for a long time, and a lot of his songs are improvements over the originals.There are also a few mashup in there that are fun.

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  1. Ah, the return of the traditional Rocktoberfest. Disorder is restored to the earth.

    I never listened to Black Sabbath–didn’t realize they had the jazz fusiony prog rock aspect. (Black Sabbath fans would probably not appreciate the characterization.)

    The only good line I remember from Moonlighters was when Bruce Willis is at a restaurant with the character Maddie, and serenading violins show up at an inappropriate moment. He gets them go away by asking, “Know any Black Sabbath?”

  2. Andy’s death metal version of “All I Want for Christmas” is . . . something.

  3. This is embarrassing. I thought the Black Sabbath thing was real, and didn’t figure out the game till I visited Andy’s channel and watched a few more, including your offerings above.

    That is seamless synchronizing. Pretty amazing in its own right

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