Rocktober – Late Edition

It’s well into the month and I haven’t Rocktobered once. Things have been hectic here at the station…. nothing really wrong, just very busy. However, in the spirit of lateness, here is some late night music –

And now a word from our sponsors and totally random celebrities, including two notorious for keeping late nights –


And now an obscure import to comply with the 4 A.M. public affairs broadcasting regulations –

This concludes tonight’s Rocktobering. Late Night Sky Radio, signing off –

About nightskyradio

Random signals from nowhere in particular.

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  1. Nice to see that ole Rocktober flag rise again. Long may she fly.

    Taeko Ohnuki’s a real find. I got a soft spot for that kind of 70s funk.

    OK, you might want to type Moi dix Mois into the youtube searchmeister and see what pops up for Halloween fodder. You may not like what you see, which could mean that it is suitable.

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