Real Life Batman Chases Killer Clown

Not a dream, a hoax, or an imaginary story…. a man costumed as Batman went after a clown in Britain, where nutbars have been dressing as clowns to scare and hurt people.

Real life "Batman" chases wvil clown

The Telegraph reports

A photograph has been shared on Facebook of ‘Batman’ seemingly chasing off a killer clown.

BBC Cumbria reported local company Cumbria Superheroes is behind the effort to rid the streets of clowns.

They have reassured that the costumed man is not a vigilante, but just trying to reassure local children who are scared of the ‘killer clowns’.

And elsewhere…

In another incident, George Birkbeck said he spotted a sinister figure holding a hammer in a Tesco car park in Plymouth on Friday.

The clown was dressed as Batman’s ‘Joker’ character and ran off after Mr Birkbeck brandished a beer bottle at him.

This is where we’re going – life has gotten so strange that dressing as a comic book character to fight bizarre crime actually seems like a natural thing to do.

There was a clown just a couple blocks from here scaring kids at a school recently. Maybe some of the locals should look into this cape-and-cowl idea…



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  1. I always thought Batman was cooler than Superman, anyway, because — aside from his less goodie-goodie demeanor — you could sort of SEE him actually being possible.

    I am going to write on music, very soon, at my site:

    and I’d like you to leave your expert sonic commentary on it, if you could. Sometime in the next three days, when I’m not writing about seducing ass and dumping it.

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