Rocktober The Vote!

To quote the Meadow  Party slogan, "This time, why not the worst?"

To quote the Meadow Party slogan, “This time, why not the worst?”

Denied political success, Opus sought and found fame and fortune in heavy metal –


I’d vote for Bill ‘n’ Opus over anyone in any race in the USA. Their lyrics are better than anything slapped together by today’s political speechwriters and they tell it like it is.

And they have their own kickass theme music instead of renting some worn out and warmed over 70s Mellow Rock song for their ads.

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  1. The only thing missing in this post is the instructions “click to enlarge” for the Bloom County panels. That is one of the funnier things I’ve seen recently. “Pimples from Hell.” Serious lol.

  2. I had all the Bloom County books back in the 80s, including the one with the flexidisc record with 2 songs on it, the B-side of which is posted above. Unfortunately, the track “Let’s Roll Over Lionel Richie With A Tank!” remains unreleased to this day.

    You can hear the A-side here –

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