1st Friday Of Rocktober

It’s Rocktober and Halloween is coming. It’s Friday night 12:30 EST, time for a  kickass Friday Night Video.

Friday Night Videos

You do remember Friday Night Videos, don’t you? If not, you can stay but be quiet so you can learn something. In short, it was a music video show (well, yeah) that premiered in 1983 and ran through the 80s and 90s until 2002, well after MTV had stopped running music videos outside the 2AM-4AM timeslot.

Alice In Chains kicks it off –

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  1. The Rocktober countdown!

    Whether or not you were going to revisit the countown was actually a pretty prominent question in my mind. (I don’t own the copyright for Fashion Monster by the way. Hint. Hint.)

    Are you going to do it, and is this the official start, or is it going to be the ten day deal again?

    • I want Rocktober online, are you gonna do it
      I know you’re qualified, are you gonna do it

      Sorry, Power Station flashback.

      Yes, gonna do it, and this is the official start. No, not gonna do the ten, did that last year.

      This year’s theme is Friday Night Videos. If you look, you may notice this was posted at exactly 12:30 pm EST, the same time Friday Night Videos used to come on TV for its first few years (Letterman later started doing Friday shows and pushed FNV back an hour). And since Halloween is on a Friday this year….

      So 5 posts, but I may not restrict myself to one video per post.

      • Two reactions.

        1) Kewl!

        2) I’m more than a little behind in the 80s and 90s cultural arcania department, probably because I was grooving on acts like Hikaru Genji and Akina Nakamori at the time.

        Well, now I have a reason to post. Got to keep up with the countdown.

  2. I think I never would have checked out Alice in Chains songs without your introduction. That’s actually a great song. I see some Captain Beefheart influence there with how they do the cross-rhythms and rhythmic shifts.

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