Random Static: Low Tax And High Times

The entire Gamergate mess with Social Justice Wannabes… I mean, Warriors, trying to impose their Flavor-Of-The-Month causes on gamers strikes me as a total waste of leftist resources. Seriously, what group of people is least likely to interact with women, much less harass, rape, or oppress them?

Many gamers have been treated like shit most of their lives and just want to be left alone. If they’re busy gaming, they can’t be out oppressing anyone, and when they do go out, they’re pumping money into the economy buying games, the same money which is taxed and funneled to the SJWs. So the SJWs have steady income and no hassle as a result of gamers gaming, but they wanna sledgehammer that golden goose anyway.


It would be nice if the people always blathering nonstop about standing with the workers actually asked some of the workers what they thought.


Angel investor Jeffrey Carter blasts career politicians

Most of the Republican candidates that are running for state wide office were private business people at some time in their careers.  Bruce Rauner was a successful investor.  He ran a Venture Capital and Private Equity firm that made hundreds of investments.  Jim Oberweis has run a successful money management business, and also has a dairy/ice cream business.  Mike Webster is a CPA.   Without Tom Cross, gay marriage would not have passed the General Assembly.

…Yesterday, Senator Dick Durbin blasted Oberweis on minimum wage, taxes, corporate inversions and any other capitalist endeavor he could think of.   I guess if I was a reporter, I’d ask Durbin, “What private business have you ever run?”

The Senator, bless his heart, has been a career politician.  When I mean career, I mean the last time he worked in the private sector was probably mowing lawns as a kid.  Our current governor is a career politician.  Every Democratic candidate for statewide office is a career politician.

Personally, I don’t agree with Oberweis on all the issues.  However, I hate to see the Democratic Party continually demonize Americans that are successful.  What?  Should we all be failures?

Carter also blames career politicians from both sides for running up massive debt, cronying, and rampant bureaucracy. I say there should be a law stating no one can run for office if they haven’t at least worked in a 7-11 for six months.


Regarding the above-mentioned Bruce Rauner… Carter writes that Rauner “wants term limits.  By the way, the Democrats sued to get that issue off the ballot.  He wants to cut taxes, and decrease government spending.”

Cutting taxes, retiring replicants politicians, and slicing spending, he should campaign as “Blade Rauner!”


Some of you may recall when New Y ork Times columnist Maureen Dowd went to Denver Colorado in June and ate a marijuana candy bar, not knowing the the recommended dosage for a newbie was one-sixteenth of a bar. She snarfed the whole thing and got SO HIGH, MAN!!! that she hallucinated for eight hours.

I kind of felt bad for her going through that. but I still find this ad amusing –

"... it was cut with extra sugar. And almonds! Almonds, man.

“… it was cut with extra sugar. And almonds!

Complete with a Dowd stand-in (sit-in?).

The article and ad remind me of when beer companies started their “drink responsibly” campaigns. I expect to see roadside billboards with slogans* such as “Don’t eat candy and drive” and “Eating chocolate? Make it a choc-o-little!”, not to mention the inevitable Forrest Gump parody ads.

Halloween would be changed forever.

*The worst “Don’t-do-edible-pot-and-drive” billboard would be, of course. “Don’t let your edible make you a dead-ible!”

No, I refuse to apologize.

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