2 Down

I got a notice from WordPress saying “Happy Anniversary.” It’s been two years now since Night Sky Radio started. It’s gone fast. Never would have thought it would impact my life so much. The biggest change was meeting and marrying my wife, of course (hi SSM, we miss ya!), but there have been others.

I’ve had fun through this site too… I’ve learned things, talked to people I never would have met otherwise, and even kicked Wdydfae screaming into helped Wdydfae in starting his own awesome music-oriented site. But the best was when Donal Graeme and I went to hang out with Free Northerner (he had to post bail, we didn’t have any Canadian money or know the language). Great times.

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  1. Seriously NSR, what the hell?! You promised to never talk about that. Ever. We all promised to never repeat that to anyone.

    Oh, and my French wasn’t that bad.

  2. Happy 2nd! Sorry I missed this. I’ve been out of the loop of late even at my own place.

    The NSR blog has definitely been impactful for my blog life, and seeing you get happily hitched was a high point for sure, and in the very best renewing-my-faith-in-humanity kind of way.

    An unexpected thing for me in blog world has been recoiling from any kind of political, cultural or religious discourse, though I still like reading a lot of it. I don’t know myself what’s up with that, but I’m pretty confident the impact of my absention has not been negative for the cyberwaves.

    Keep on truckin’!

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