John’s XCMVIXXXXVCIIVth Letter To Ecologians

John Kerry says faith and environment are inextricably linked

Because, you know, the Bible states again and again that global warming is, like, Bad, man. The Beast of Revelation is made of CO2 held together by sugar-laden trans-fats. Look it up.

Always watch these gasbags when they pontificate publicly…. note the gestures and hand motions, the pauses, and the excess of words with four or more syllables. Also throwing words like “profoundly” into grammatically dangerous places to fend for themselves.

There are patterns to these speeches designed to numb the rubes at home watching on television – repeating key words like “duty,” “sustainable,”  and “responsibility” to make viewers feel guilty (“Check your climate privilege!”), and using fifteen dollar words that the speaker is sure the rubes don’t understand but sounds really book-smart, to name a couple examples. The gestures recall the Sage  Old Professor of bygone days. All profoundly, inextricably linked to bamboozle the ig’nant Joe Sixpacks.

Speakers like that have the package down pretty well but nothing inside the box, like throwing fancy dressing and expensive croutons on an empty salad plate.


When will L.H. Puttgrass finally be given his own cable show? The citizens demand it

(Click to embiggen)   When will L.H. Puttgrass finally be given his own cable show? The citizens demand it


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