The Low Rider Is Revving In The Drive

Listen and compare basslines –

There’s even some similarity between the opening drum rolls.

Actual video here, I used the other one because this version skips over the opening drums.

I was something of a Thompson Twins fan when I was in junior high. I had the records Side Kicks and Into The Gap (on vinyl), and I think I had some 12″ remix album of “In the Name Of Love.” While I didn’t collect clippings or anything like that, I did read pieces about them in music magazines when I was in a store. I was rather into New Wave thanks to MTV.

I pretty much lost interest in the band not too long afterward, partly because their new single “Lay Your Hands On Me” sucked, and whatever residual interest I had in checking out their new album was likely snuffed by this. I suspect that it also helped kill their careers as well.

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  1. The low rider clip is trippy. The low rider song should come with a warning: impossible to get out of head.

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