Red Days And Green Flowers

It’s murder
Out in the street

So I’m talking to Allamagoosa while Pandora Radio is playing and this song comes on. “Oh, there’s a cheerful Valentine’s Day song… especially if you consider the massacre.”

Since she’s a fan of anime and many things Japanese, does that make her my Mandarin Plum?


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  1. Pandora is one of those gems of the internet. Your taste in music… that’s another story….

  2. Hey, I love anime and Steely Dan, the latter thanks in large part to your influence.

    But I’m predisposed toward 70s funk infused music.

    I’d never heard Green Flower Street until now. Don’t get the Pandora reference.

    But it’s great and I’ll hunt down the studio version. Is Green Flower Street alluding to On Green Dolphin Street (a great jazz standard)?

  3. Could well be, it’s not unknown for the Dans to, uh, borrow from other songs.

    The song is from the album the Nightfly You can also buy it as a digital download, or pick and choose the tracks you want. “New Frontier” is a kickass song, probably Fagen’s best solo tune. is a free internet radio service. It’s pretty good.

  4. I just checked out “New Frontier.” I do remember that one, albeti vaguely, and it’s great! I’m going to be looking for the album in my CD store hunts. (Yeah, I still do it that way.)

    Steely Dan’s strong point for me is the mastery of the recording studio and multitrack recording, and the arrangements! The arrangements are flawless. I’m starting to feel that way about some of Joni Mitchell’s stuff, too. I broke down and got Hejira, though mainly because it has Jaco Pastorius on it.

    Below is one of the better versions of On Green Dolphin Street (but there are a lot). I can’t find any connecting thread between the two tunes except the words “Green” and “Street.”

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