Drink A Cheap@$$ 40 And Let The Hamster Wheel Spin

Kids Prefer Cheese (do hamsters like cheese?) finds a directing sign off the straight and narrow highway –

Does Early Sexual Experience Affect Later Drinking Behavior? In Hamsters.

Um,wait…in hamsters?  Seriously. In hamsters. 

Perhaps that can be the new tag line for scientists.  You know how you are supposed to add “in bed” after a fortune cookie?  So, your fortune cookie says  “You will soon come into a lot of money” and you add, “in bed!”  Hilarity.From now on, medical studies have to end with “in hamsters” to make sure we all understand just how tenuous the conclusions are.

There’s a metaphor in there somewhere but I’ll let someone else make it.

…in hamsters.  How do they hold those red Solo cups in their little paws?

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