Rocktober – Ten Nights From Hell

Rocktober is in full swing and Halloween draws closer. Night Sky Radio will be broadcasting directly from Hell.   \m/

Those with delicate sensibilities are advised to go here instead.*

* Some would say – and i would not argue – that this is more hellish by far.

About nightskyradio

Random signals from nowhere in particular.

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  1. Now my delicate sensibilities are as completely overwrought as Dan Hill’s. And here I had hoped to have forever purged that voice from my memory. Couldn’t you have at least put up a warning sign or something?

  2. Man, I look away for a minute, turn back around, and suddenly Nightsky OWNS the Halloween countdown.

  3. I agree about the warning needed for the Dan Hill link. How am I gonna wash that one off?

    Well, Christmas is not far off. I suppose you can plan another trap door link to “Christmas Shoes.”

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