Daryl’s House Party

Live from Daryl’s house

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  1. Nice!

    Thank God for Youtube. Youtube exploration and sampling has led to pretty much all of my music purchases in the past coupla of years.

    I found this Jaco Pastorius studio jam on “The Chicken” recently (w. John Scofield):

    • Slick tune. Those cats can groove.

      Check out more of the “Live From Daryl’s House” vids. There’s some good ones there.

      When you gonna start your music-and-whatever-else site? You obviously have a driving interest in music, and clearly have the knowledge.

      • Can’t I just parasitize your site instead? It’s nice. It’s like being on welfare. I don’t have to do anything.

        You can just drop some table scraps down the shute from time to time.

      • No seriously, I got a little free time opening up after about a week. I’ll try to throw something together then (due to your encouragement).

        Daryl Hall really takes me back. But I can’t even remember how back it is . . .

        • Do it. Post all the weird, fun stuff you find.

          This was always my favorite Hall song. The lack of Oates seems to have no ill effects on it. I remember it got some kind of blowback for being too psychedelic or mindbending or something. Even for then, it wasn’t outrageous.

      • Can’t I just parasitize your site instead?

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