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Revolt In The Fifth Dimension

When I was a kid, I saw this, the strangest, trippiest, outright psychedelic episode of the Spider-Man cartoon, and it quickly became a favorite of mine (which probably explains some things about me) –

It turns out it wasn’t actually a Spider-Man episode… it was a recycled version of Rocket Robin Hood, with Spider-Man painted in place of one main character while the other character was deleted. Essentially one cartoon costumed up as another.

Knowing Ralph Bakshi was involved in both explains much of the trippiness.

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  1. I’ve never even heard of Rocket Robin Hood (but caught up a little on the T’Oobs), or this hallucinogenic Spider Man episode. Interesting! I followed Ralph Bakshi back in the day. I thought Wizards was good, and rather under-rated/under-appreciated.

    • I never heard of Rocket robin Hood until a few years ago.

      Never saw much Bakshi stuff outside of some TV cartoons, although I saw part of “Hey Good Lookin'” on cable at a friend’s house when I was about 12. Weird flick. I kind of want to watch it again now.

      • Never saw Fritz the Cat? That was my introduction to Bakshi, though I didn’t see part 2.

        Fritz the Cat was controversial, but I think it kind of worked, though it was cynical, definitely amoral, and R. Crumb was so infuriated with it he quickly had the Fritz character murdered in a comic strip soon after.

        Bakshi also did Lord of the Rings, which was a total disaster. But I thought Wizards was well done.

        Hey, here’s a kind of underground band that was introduced to me, Liphrich. What do you think?

        I’m not a good judge of rock, but they got some serious chops, IMO, and very versatile.

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