Racisying To The Bottom

John Hawkins of Right Wing News presents some of his uncensored hate mail. It’s all from self-styled “liberals” and is all a variation on one theme – “Fuck off and die!”

Honestly, I’m disappointed with the selection Hawkins shows… I was hoping for some actual flair or creativity among the h8fest, since it’s from people who fancy themselves pillars of intellect and wit. Some insults involving lighter fluid, a pack of condoms, and a goat, at the very least. No dice. But I did discover what is probably a typo and has now become my new favorite word –


Racisy! That is going to be my answer to everything. Vague enough to throw at anything and harder to deflect than a concrete charge like “racist.” Girl won’t call you back? She’s racisy! Didn’t get the promotion? Boss is racisy! That is my default response from now on.

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  1. That’s pretty funny. Also funny is the way these folks have a need to hate those who disagree with them.

    • Yeah, disagreement can’t be just a, y’know, disagreement. It has to be an assault on them personally and on Reason itself, and even considering anything the other side says is to risk spontaneously combusting.

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