Valentine’s Day Gift Massacres

Not sure what to buy your special someone for Valentine’s Day? Find the perfect gift for any significant other here –

Soup For Sluts


Finger Marie


…whether they want a gift or not –

Goteborgs Rape

Frozen Rape Leaf


… as well as gifts for the entire Facebook LGBTISMAQEDR&B spectrum –

Homo sausage

Golden Gaytime

… or however “other” your significant one is –

Pet Sweat


I’m not even gonna tell you about the chocolates.

About nightskyradio

Random signals from nowhere in particular.

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  1. Part of me wonders where you got this. Then reason and wisdom kick in, and tell me that I most assuredly do not want to know. Ever.

  2. Happy late V day. It looks like it must have been quite a romantic ocassion en la casa del Nightsky.

    Hey, for the other items at the link, for what it is worth, I have had Cream Collons before. They’re just a wafer crackers with vanilla paste inside. I’ve also imbibed Pocari Sweat (sports drink) and Calpis. Don’t know how to describe Calpis, but it’s not like it sounds.

    And don’t forget Booty Sweat and Bust-a-nut! “Pop an ass open. Available at concessions now.” (Tropic Thunder opening, NSFW)

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