Another Day Of Schooled

Last week was breakfast at McDonald’s where a couple women attacked a huge guy with ninja-level indifference skillz, not to mention shrugging off a broomstick swung so hard it shattered against him.

This week it’s a woman on the subway who lays into a guy who ain’t so indifferent.

H/T to Vox

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  1. Something positive, to raise the mood after watching the recorded ‘accident’:

    Gets the blood going, eh?

  2. After watching the schooling, my mood was positively cheerful already.

    I like the tune. And there’s some cool stuff going on with the guitars in the background.

    • This tune reminds me of the band “In Flames” of my youth, sans vocal.
      Another cool tune with nice strings and piano:

      Good for workout. And what is your preference? Let me guess, more like Dio or “Astral Doors”?

      It saddens me that some supposed adults are still in the need of ‘schooling’.

      • Another good tune. You got a youtube playlist or anything?

        Not a Dio fan, and I’m not sure I’ve heard of Astral Doors. I’m not really a metalhead, I run more toward Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Steely Dan, and 80s/early 90s alternative. i’m also fond of Wrecking Crew/Brill Building type of music.

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