Girl Is A Danger!

[Or: Allamagoosa Unleashed]

“I stun and amaze in my ability to harm myself” – Allie

Allamagoosa and I have long joked about her needing a leash so she doesn’t wander into traffic. A couple days ago, she was getting into my car and must not have ducked low enough because she banged her shoulder on the roof edge. Her right shoulder. Getting in the passenger side. Not quite sure just how she managed that one.

The leash is sounding less like a joke and more like a necessity. Even non-moving traffic is a risk.

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  1. OT, the eyeball licking thing is a hoax:

    Remember, I called that one! (pats self on back)

    So, don’t make eyelicking part of the betrothal rituals.

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