Talkin’ Some $#!t

[Or: “Make It So, Number One!”]

Olivia Wilde, Bono and Richard Branson, all celebrities flush with fame, announce they are joining Matt Damon’s toilet strike to raise awareness about the global water crisis.

…the trio draws attention to just how serious the water situation is by presenting some disturbing statistics:

“780 million people, that’s one in nine, lacks access to safe water,” Bono says.

Which is why Damon co-founded — in collaboration with Gary White — in an effort to help come up with solutions to the water crisis so that all people have access to safe water and sanitation.

Thus far, the organization has helped more than 1 million people living in Africa, South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. And it’s Damon’s passion and success that drew Wilde to the movement (or lack of movement, if you catch my drift).

Maybe they should go (heh) to Venezuela next.

Didn’t The Kids In The Hall once do a skit like this?

In other news, Ke$ha drinks her own urine.

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