They Were Out Of Factory Originals

[Or: “Were The Serial Numbers Filed Off?”]

I love Kids Prefer Cheese. To wit –

Arguably the worst journalistic lede ever.

She lost a womb but gained a penis.

Unfortunately, the article is not as exciting as the lede would imply (short of spontaneous involuntary sex-change, how could it be?). An anesthesiologist is charged with sexually assaulting 20 women while they were sedated. Or, as the next line helpfully explains, “The former was being removed surgically — full hysterectomy — while the latter was forcibly shoved into her slack mouth.”

I have no idea if this story is true. There are some flags in the story, and at least one commenter on Gawker has argued that the procedure wouldn’t be carried out as described in the article.

The best part, though, is the guy’s name. George Doodnaught.

Doodnaught. If this story is actually true, you couldn’t make up a better name. Sounds like a mandroid pimpbot from some XXX Star Trek parody. A Doodnaught would fit perfectly into an “art film” involving spontaneously sex-changing aliens. Who would, of course, gleefully sleep with Captain Kock.

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  1. Doodnaught! LOL You can’t make this shit up.

    Back when I listened to Blur, this was probably close to my favourite.

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