Nice Is Vice

M3 lays it out here – The Crime Of Being Nice

This is the big takeaway from his post –

Which makes me want to take the gloves off. I’ve always been hesitant to pile onto the fat shaming thing. Pointing out that fat is unattractive is one thing, being cruel about it is another… With the exception of one post about Fat acceptance.. i’ve never gone full tilt against those who are less fortunate in the looks department unless they arrogantly stand up and tell me that i am wrong for not finding the grotesque attractive.

“BUT M3, isn’t that what the girls/mangina’s/whiteknights doing? Going full tilt against NiceGuys who say that girls should be attracted them for being nice?”

I would ALMOST agree with you save for one minor niggle.

1. Culturally it is acceptable to shame guys for being shallow to overlook fatties great personalities
2. No guy puts on their profile header that they’re looking for a really great fat/plump/few extra pounds/plus sized/bbw person (unless it’s their fetish)

Women are not culturally shamed and called shallow for ignoring beta’s or omega’s, and it really doesn’t take a lot of searching to find a woman’s profile looking for ‘a nice, honest guy who doesn’t play games’. These women are actively portraying, displaying and advertising the need for NICE guys.[Emphasis mine] This is the crux of the matter. The needy nice guy IS the obese girl. A mirror analogy. Both want a relationship. Both have problems they need to work on before any real expectation of one should happen. But no man is advertising how badly he’s looking for plus sized BBW’s really badly!


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