Black Friday Radio 2015

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your Black Friday! Try not to get killed by crazed shoppers.

Bonus: A full set of The Dan in Cincinnati from 2008 –

I just found this and haven’t had time to watch much but it sounds good so far.

Great T-Shirts For Men!

Coyote writes about a new gift idea –

T-shirts with the entire text of great books printed on them. Here is the one for Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. My son wanted a George Orwell one but there are none available as of yet. Most seem to be books old enough to be in the public domain, which is likely no accident, though there are a few newer books.

XXL Roach Size T-Shirt

All the great books as a fashion statement. I wonder what Da GBFM (TM) thinks? Lozllozlozlozlzolzlzlozzlzlzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday Night Studio – Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers (And The Van)

“Our music definitely hearkens another era,” says Nicki Bluhm, “but at the same time, we want it to be contemporary. Reflective of now even though it nods to other times. We want it to be vintage modern.” – Nicki Bluhm

Nicki Bluhm rides around in a van and sings various songs while the band plays in the back. That’s the entire gimmick.

Is she any good?

I guess they do qualify as a band on the run, or at least on the go, and they do an okay cover of McCartney & Wings… their version isn’t awesomely great, but I like how they interpreted the classic intro (which I always thought should have been expanded into songs of their own).

They cover Madonna’s “Material Girl” which just amuses me, and they do a nice fadeout at the end, and do a good job with Stealer’s Wheel as Nicki is stuck in the middle.

My favorite is “I Can’t Go For That” by Hall & Oates, which features a little toy-style keyboard and the …. unique… solo, in addition to what I consider to be one of her best vocal performances –

I kinda have to include this one, given the title –

Rocktober Saturday Night Studio – Halloween

Some music to scare the trick-or-treaters with, along with a trick or two in the mix.

Happy Halloween!

Dementia 5

Revolt In The Fifth Dimension

When I was a kid, I saw this, the strangest, trippiest, outright psychedelic episode of the Spider-Man cartoon, and it quickly became a favorite of mine (which probably explains some things about me) –

It turns out it wasn’t actually a Spider-Man episode… it was a recycled version of Rocket Robin Hood, with Spider-Man painted in place of one main character while the other character was deleted. Essentially one cartoon costumed up as another.

Knowing Ralph Bakshi was involved in both explains much of the trippiness.

Rocktober Final Friday

Friday Night, 12:30 AM EST

Friday Night Videos

The final Friday Night Videos of 2015, with a triple threat of evil –

Jon Spencer has teeth that are long and a pentagram on his palm –



Concrete Blonde has the ways and means to where the vampires live –

Alice In Chains, born into the grave –

Rocktober – Satan’s Barbershop

Heads are hanging from the garbageman trees  as Beck spends Devil’s Night trying to keep his –

Rocktober – The Dark And Stormy Night Rises

“Everything comes back down to Batman, in the end.” – Donal Graeme

It’s dark and will likely be raining tonight, apropos for the night before Halloween.

Exciting Beginning

Dark And Stormy Knight 1

Dark And Stormy Knight 2

A sequel was attempted…

The Dark And Stormy Night Rises


..but ultimately not produced.

The phrase “It was a dark and stormy night” comes from the 1830 novel Paul Clifford, written by Sir Edward George Earle Bulwer-Lytton, and was picked up years later by Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz, who gave the line to aspiring author Snoopy as part of that decorated WWI Flying Ace’s ongoing efforts to be published.

The novel began thusly –

“It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents – except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.”

Sounds like the setting for Gotham. Or a metal video game.

Schulz had Snoopy write out his novel, starting with the famous line and building from there, and can be read it its (short) entirety here.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night cover

In 1981, writer Len Wein and artist Walt Simonson did something fun for the 500th issue of Detective Comics, where Batman originated, by doing a remix of sorts of Snoopy’s novel, presented in its (also short) entirety above.

Somewhere along the line, Charles Schulz did a drawing for DC Comics artist Carmine Infantino, who drew Batman in the 60s –

Meanwhile, Back At Stately Snoopy Manor...

Rocktober – Fatitude

I can make no sense of this –


The word is out, better treat me right!

Now I get it … he’s dressed up for Halloween as Weird Al. Ding dong, yo.

There’s more needing feminism here, but my favorite is this one –

"I need feminism because I need contradiction"

“I need feminism because I need contradiction”

I can’t tell if that’s for real or a truth bomb costumed as Progressivist BuzzwordThink. Or maybe just a troll.

H/T to Goodbye America

Rocktober – Don’t Pay The Ferryman (And A Very! Important! Sponsor Message!)

Going back to the early 80s to unearth an MTV staple of the day – Chris DeBurgh’s “Don’t Pay The Ferryman,” a vaguely spookish song with allusions to Charon about a man crossing the water who is warned by mysterious voices not to pay that vulgar boatman.

And now a brief word from our sponsor –

Full demented episode here.


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